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The utelnetd package provides a small and efficient stand alone telnet server daemon.

Benefits of using utelnetd

The *utelnetd* package is small and compact, and uses less resources than a traditional telnet server daemon, making it ideal for use on embedded systems, or systems where memory is limited. The utelnetd server daemon also offers the following additional benefits:

An internet superserver daemon is not required

The daemon runs independently of the [inetd internet superserver daemon] and the [inetd] package is not required to use this daemon, making it useful on systems where no [inetd] is installed.

Resource Economics

Using a traditional telnet server daemon, a [telnetd] process is spawned by the [inetd|internet superserver daemon] for each client connection. The utelnetd daemon runs as a single process, so only one instance is required, saving memory and system resources.

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