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Version 0.3.4 of vpnc no longer uses the vpnc-connect helper script. Simply run vpnc as a command instead.

Other Documentation

Official Gentoo vpnc HOWTO - This is a good place to start.

vpnc homepage

kvpnc homepage


The first place to look for trouble shooting is the Official Gentoo vpnc HOWTO. If you don't find a solution there, here is some other things to try:

vpnc: no response from target

If you have followed the directions from the howto, but when you try to start vpnc you get a "vpnc: no response from target", one possibility is that your company's firewall is blocking the port used by vpnc. The CISCO vpn software uses port 10000, while by default vpnc uses port 500. Some companies block all ports not associated with a supported service, so port 500 will be blocked while port 10000 will be open. You can easily test this possibility by adding the following line to your configuration file (e.g., /etc/vpnc.conf or /etc/vpnc/default.conf)

 Local Port 10000
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