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WMV - Windows Media Video


The term Windows Media Video covers a group of different versioned releases of video codecs designed by Microsoft for multimedia streams and files.

Playing WMVs

It is possible to play Windows Media files under Linux using many popular, open source media players, but the trick is that you will not necessarily be able to play all of them. Since an WMV could cover different versions of the codec, it depends on which ones are supported by your system.

Your best bet to get them working is to enable the win32codecs USE flag in make.conf, and install a media player that uses those codecs (Xine or MPlayer, for examples). Once the programs are compiled with support for those, you should be able to play some of the files. You may also need to enable the asf USE flag to get certain packages to work.

From the MPlayer README, "Support for Windows Media formats except WMV9 exists but still has some bugs, your mileage may vary."

Support for WMV9 is being implemented into libavcodec, part of ffmpeg, which in turn is used by almost every media player on Linux.

There are of course, some codecs that aren't included, and you probably won't be able to watch any wrapped in DRM anytime soon.

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