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Westinghouse_LCM-20v5_LCD configuration

This monitor needed a custom modeline to work at it's native 1400x1050 resolution with X11 v6.8.2, a geforce3 graphics card and the binary nvidia driver. Added the modeline below to the Monitor section of the xorg.conf file. The modeline was suggest by the monitor in the DDC section of the Xorg.0.log file, so should be perfectly safe. Remember the identifier in the Monitor section must match that in the Screen section. man xorg.conf for more info. After the change and a restart of X it works and looks great at native 1400x1050 resolution.

Section "Monitor"
    Identifier  "LCM-20v5"
    Option "DPMS"
    ModeLine "1400x1050" 121.8 1400 1488 1632 1864 1050 1053 1057 1089
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