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You know what you want (for free!), but you don't know the tool? This is a list of software in Portage for Linux and Windows equivalents. This list is by no means complete, but it isn't meant to be. It is meant to get you going with your Linux-installation just as soon as possible.

Other Sources

You can search portage for packages from the web at [1] or browse by category. There's also the eix tool which can search not only portage but a large number of overlays too.

The List


Category: app-antivirus

Note: While it's true there are far fewer viruses in the wild that affect linux directly, you'll probably want an antivirus anyway. While most of your system is protected by running as a non-root user, your user data isn't protected, because you, as a normal user, have access to your own data. You'll also protect yourself from accidentally infecting any Windows machines. And also you can scan accessible Windows files.


Categories: net-im, net-irc, net-voip

[[2][EVA]]. KDE based alternative for QQ (OCIQ, Used offen in China)


Category: mail-client

File Managers

FTP Clients

Category: net-ftp


Internet Browsing

Category: www-client



Category: media-audio

Video / DVDs

Category: media-video

Video Editing

Category: media-video

CD / DVD Burning and Mastering

Category: app-cdr


Category: app-office


Category: net-p2p

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