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CounterPath X-Lite Linux Client

While there are many useful linux SIP clients out there, some providers only support a limited subset. One that I have worked with on windows is the CounterPath X-Lite SIP Phone, and our company only has instructions for getting this working on windows, nothing for linux.

The software is available for free from CounterPath as a tar.gz download.


For any user the installation is dead easy, just unpack the tar.gz file and move the 'xlitesoftphone' to your favourite ./bin folder. (I currently keep mine in /opt/xten/bin but this is in no way required)


OSS Enabled Systems

If you have OSS, or OSS emulation setup you can just run:


And set it up from there

Alsa Only Systems

Since X-Lite looks for the sound card as an OSS device, you need to emulate it:

aoss ./xlitesoftphone


There are some libraries missing from the emul-linux-x86 collection that would allow this program to work easily out of the box, but you do need some(which?) of those packages installed.

The program is still missing x86_32 versions of and libxml. I have yet to figure out how to build these, but they can be found in the vmware server or workstation packages and copied to the /usr/lib32 folder( or linked ).

copy(or link) any missing libraries from: /opt/vmware/{server|workstation}/lib/lib/{libraryname}/library to your /usr/lib32 folder And either run:



aoss32 ./xlitesoftphone


Of course you probably want to setup a shortcut in your menu or desktop for this, just use the commands above to run it, and set the working folder to ~/ You should be able to run the audio tuning wizard fine, and setup your sip phone account the exact same ways as with X-Lite for windows.

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