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This guide focuses on howto get the Xbox DVD dongle to work with LIRC on a standard pc.



Some information about wiring the DVD dongle to the pc can be found here.


Add this line to /etc/make.conf

File: /etc/make.conf

Now just run

# emerge lirc


Add this to the end of /etc/lircd.conf

File: /etc/lircd.conf
# LIRCD configuration file for Xbox DVD Kit
# Marko Friedemann <>
# brand:             Microsoft
# model:             Xbox DVD Remote
# supported devices: Xbox DVD Remote via xpad-ir driver
# comment:           EXPERIMENTAL

begin remote

    name  XboxDVDDongle
    bits           8

    begin codes

        SELECT          0x0b
        UP              0xa6
        DOWN            0xa7
        RIGHT           0xa8
        LEFT            0xa9
        INFO            0xc3

        9               0xc6
        8               0xc7
        7               0xc8
        6               0xc9
        5               0xca
        4               0xcb
        3               0xcc
        2               0xcd
        1               0xce
        0               0xcf

        DISPLAY         0xd5
        BACK            0xd8
        SKIP+           0xdd
        SKIP-           0xdf
        STOP            0xe0
        REVERSE         0xe2
        FORWARD         0xe3
        TITLE           0xe5
        PAUSE           0xe6
        PLAY            0xea
        MENU            0xf7

      end codes

end remote


The next thing you need to do is test to see if it works. Because it is using a new driver if you have it plugged in then you need to unplug it and plug it back in. Now start lircd

# /etc/init.d/lircd start

then run

# irw

and watch to see if your button presses are showing up!

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