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What is zenoss?

In brief

Longer story


Why not? If you have more than one computer and want to do some cool hip monitoring stuff, zenoss is a way to go. well, there could be better ones but, stfu, this is my wiki node and i rule!


  1. app-admin/sudo
  2. Subversion (only for installing from svn)
  3. >=MySQL 5.0.22
  4. Python 2.3.5 or 2.4
  5. GNU build environment (GNU Make)
  6. net-analyzer/net-snmp
  7. mail-mta/sendmail
  8. dev-python/twisted
  9. dev-python/twistedsnmp
  10. net-zope/zope
  11. net-zope/zopeinterface
  12. dev-python/pysnmp
  13. net-analyzer/rrdtool
  14. dev-lang/swig

Installing ZenossCore

- Create user for zenoss

# useradd -m zenoss
# passwd zenoss

- Modify .bashrc

# echo 'export ZENHOME=/usr/local/zenoss' >> /home/zenoss/.bashrc
# echo 'export PYTHONPATH=$ZENHOME/lib/python' >> /home/zenoss/.bashrc
# echo 'export PATH=$ZENHOME/bin:$PATH' >> /home/zenoss/.bashrc

- modify sudoers using visudo, add following lines:

# visudo -f /etc/sudoers

- add to the defaults block of the file

# Defaults        env_keep += "PYTHONPATH ZENHOME"

- at the bottom of the line

# zenoss          ALL=NOPASSWD:/usr/local/zenoss/bin/python,/bin/kill,/usr/sbin/sendmail

- Create directory where to install zenoss

# mkdir /usr/local/zenoss

- Give appropriate user rights for the directory

# chown zenoss /usr/local/zenoss
Using svn source

- Emerge subversion if you dont already have it

# emerge -aq subversion

- Login as zenoss to do the install and stuff

# su - zenoss

- And execute in home directory, you should already be there, in /home/zenoss

# svn co zenossinst

- Move into the newly created directory and run the install script

# cd zenossinst
# bash ./

- Answer to the questions during install and you're done.

Using released "stable"

- Login as zenoss to do the install and stuff

# su - zenoss

- Download latest releas package from here, you want the source tarball

- Extract the package and move into it and run the install script

# tar -xzf zenoss-<release>.tar.gz
# cd zenoss-<release>
# ./install

- Answer to the questions during install and you're done.


- Type in anywhere as zenoss to restart the daemons

# zenoss stop
# zenoss start
-- or --
# zenoss restart
  1. Navigate to: http://the_host_where_you_just_did_that_stuff:8080/ using your favorite browser. I mean, firefox.
  2. Login with the user/pass that you supplied at the install process and enjoy the view.

Issues / Gotchas

chown root:zenoss /usr/local/zenoss/bin/zensocket
chmod 04750 /usr/local/zenoss/bin/zensocket

Thanks to:


  1. Read and modify the files in /usr/local/zenoss/etc at will
  2. Write usefull stuff to this wiki and especially, this wikinode.


  1. Remove /usr/local/zenoss/* (or what the heck your $ZENHOME is)
  2. Do: 'make clean' in zenossinst directory
  3. Try to install again :)


  1. ZenossCore Community
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