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Groups in a UNIX style operating system are put in place to assign permissions to users.

System Groups

System Groups
Name Standard ID Purpose
root 0 Complete system administration and control
bin 1 (to be added)
daemon 2 (to be added)
sys 3 (to be added)
adm 4 (to be added)
portage 250 group for portage users
nogroup 65533 unprivileged group
nobody 65534 unprivileged group

Container Groups

Container Groups
Name Standard ID Purpose
disk 6 Direct access to disks.
wheel 10 su (change to super user / root).
floppy 11 Direct access to floppies.
uucp 14 Access to ttY-Devices.
audio 18 Access to audio devices.
cdrom 19 Direct access to CD-ROMs (and CD-RW, DVD-ROM/RAM/RW).
video 27 Access to video capture hardware, hardware acceleration.
games 35 Access to all games.
cdrw 80 CD burning.
usb 85 Use of USB devices.
users 100 Standard group of users.
apache 81 Allows write access to Apache files.
mysql 60 Allows read/write access to MySQL files.
plugdev 442 Allows to mount and use pluggable devices such as cameras and USB sticks.


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