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An excellent front-end to Mplayer's mencoder is available called iriverter. This encodes videos for a number of portable multimedia players including iAudio, iRiver and iPod.


The original ebuild is in bugzilla here it is currently awaiting a maintainer. An up-to-date ebuild is maintained by the author on his web-site and can be downloaded from this page.

It is beyond the scope of this TIP, but you will have to create a portage overlay. This is fully documented in the Gentoo handbook in section 5b. I'd recommend creating the overlay in /usr/local/portage/media-video/iriverter/

Make sure that the package is unmasked (you may have to unmask swt as well)

Now that you've overlaid and unmasked iriverter you are ready to emerge it:

emerge -av iriverter

You may find that you have to re-emerge Mplayer to include the xvid and/or the dvd flags, check the messages at the end of the emerge, and if necessary:

USE="xvid dvd" emerge -av mplayer

or alternatively add them to /etc/portage/package.use

File: /etc/portage/package.use
## MPlayer flags (required for encoding using iriverter)
media-video/mplayer dvd xvid

NBYou must re-emerge MPlayer if you have added the flags to the above file.

Run iriverter

All that is left is to run iriverter. At a command prompt:

$ iriverter &

Or you could add the following entry to your ~/.fluxbox/menu

File: ~/.fluxbox/menu
   [exec] (iriverter) {iriverter}

Configuration & Encoding

There are a number of preset parameters for encoding your video, and these are fully documented along with details of how to encode videos and DVD's under documentation at the software's project page.

If you have a media player that isn't listed and derive settings that work then please help the author by mailing him details as well as posting them here.

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